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I am excited to announce that I am now certified in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and will be offering it to my patients!

The benefits include:

-improved muscle tone and dermal contraction

-increased collagen production and dispersal

-increased facial circulation

-decreased under-eye bags

-decreased puffiness and excess fluid

-decreased fine lines and wrinkles

-improved hormonal balance

-improved sebaceous secretions to treat dry/oily skin (including acne)

-improved facial colour

-reduced double chins

-tighter pores

-brighter eyes

-and much more!!

Have questions? Send me a message on here, or email me at!


I'm happy to announce that I will be adding two new clinics to my practice in order to serve new communities! You will now be able to come see me in Oshawa at my new locations starting in June 2016!

Healing Hands Healthcare

720 Elderberry drive

Oshawa Ontario

(working Thursdays from 2-8pm)

Harmony Health and Well-being

231 King st East

Oshawa Ontario

(working Tuesdays from 3-7pm)

You can book an appointment with me at either of these locations by emailing me at or by sending me a message on my website! 


Want to learn more about Naturopathic medicine while you enjoy some ribs and local brews? Well you are in luck!! I will have a booth at this years Ribfest (located at the Rickard arena complex) on June 10th-12th where I will be answering all your Naturopathic medicine questions as well as holding a draw for a free 1 hour Naturopathic visit!! So come on out, enjoy some sunshine and say hi! 

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