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Surviving a Move!

Moving is no joke.. to pack up everything you own (how is there so much stuff?!) and transport it all to a brand new location that you are expected to call home.. it can be very stressful and take a lot out of you. Here are some tips to get through this stressful period unharmed!

1) Have good support! Friends and family (especially muscular, patient friends and family) come in very handy when you have large furniture to fit through small doors.. Just remember to repay them with food, drink or hugs!

2) Listen to your body and know your limits! There is nothing worse than your eyes being bigger than your muscles.. Is that a saying? It should be. Injuring yourself will just make a move harder, so remember to lift with your knees, pay attention to those aches and pains and don't be afraid to ask for help (see number 1). It might also be a good idea to book an appointment with your massage therapist or physiotherapist in the days following a big move to make sure that you did, in fact, make it out unscathed.

3) Eat a well-balanced diet - I know this can be difficult when your entire fridge is packed up, but do your best to pick good options from restaurants and grocery stores to keep your energy up and reduce the likelihood of injury by preventing unecessary inflammation in the body. Have food intolerances? These don't go away during moves, so make sure to have easy snacks on hand to keep yourself going. Include protein and healthy carbohydrates to maintain muscle function and energy! Need a quick pick me up? Try some No-bake Energy Bites:

4) Tea! Make sure you know where that kettle and your tea collection have gone in the move... keep the chamomile, oats, and lemonbalm close at hand to allow yourself to destress and unwind after a very long day(s).

5) Sleep!! Everyone has told me that getting your bedroom and bed prepared are the MOST important things when in the middle of a move. Having a safe and comfortable haven to return to is key after such a stressful period. Also getting enough sleep allows the body to produce enough growth hormone to reduce the likelihood of injury. 6) Supplements! If all else fails and you need to bring out the big dogs, invest in high quality anti-inflammatory and adrenal supplements to reduce the risk of injury and maintain energy. There are MANY herbs and supplements on the market touting these benefits, but some of my favourites are Curcumin, Rhodiola, Schisandra and Astragalus. Book in with your Naturopathic doctor to find out what herbs work best for you and your symptoms! Remember to contact me or book an appointment if you needed/wanted anymore information on any of these supplements/suggestions. You can book an appointment with me by messaging me on my website, visiting my facebook page or by calling the clinic at 905-697-3111. Remember that these suggestions may not be right for everyone, and an individualized treatment plan prepared by your ND is always best!

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